Commodity code : CJA-001S

5-seconds inflation for most tubeless tires when 160 PSI charged in the tank
Bypass air channel allows air goes directly from floor pump to tire 
Continuously providing large air flow to pop-seal tubeless tire's bead ring
Durable steel structure can sustain up to 700 PSI (tested result)
Charge valve Schrader
Discharge valve patented Tri-Valve LD8 Head fits Schrader/Presta&Dunlop
Auto/manual condensed water bleeder valve incorporated with safety valve


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    LD8 Head Patented
    DE PAT. 102012105914
    Taiwan PAT.  I544146
    China PAT. 201210252282.5
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  • Model NO. Color Options Weight (g) Length (cm) Tube Diameter (mm)  Base Width (cm) Guage Max PSI Special Features Material
    CJA-001S RD/SB 2320 48.5 76 18.6 N/A 160 IF Design Award2017 Steel

  • " For a tubeless tire to create an airtight seal with the rim, a lot of air has to be pumped into the tire at once. The JetAir works with most floor pumps to accomplosh this. A patented valve system lets air form the pump bypss the reservoir and go straight into the tire. Recommened working pressures are 100 to 160 PSI, but the rugged steel JetAir can withstand pressures of up to 700 psi. "
    by ShowDaily 2016 Reporter