BETO X Memil Pro Cycling Team - Just Try Your Best feat. MPC Roy Eefting


BETO sponsored UCI Continental Cycling team, The Memil Pro Cycling Team from Sweden!

Congratulations to Roy!!! 
Roy Eefting, who loves riding his bike and likes to compete, has won the stage champion in the 11th&12th stage of Tour of Qinghai Lake 2019. 

Roy joined the Memil Pro Cycling Team (MPC) in 2018. He was looking for more adventure in his cycling, so he races with MPC around the world and see different countries and cultures along the way. Roy emphasizes train hard, try hard and love what you are doing, which is the most important thing!

Roy became a cyclist due to his brother starting to ride his bike. And Roy`s family does not only support him to become a professional cyclist, but they are the greatest fans as well. He found career is a hard thing to plan, so he thinks as long as I have fun and train hard, the rest will follow.

Pump Your Ride! BETO are proud to say that we are being support to MPC Team and pump for every cyclist`s dream!

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